Cyclical investment behavior across financial institutions / by Yannick Timmer

Warehouse banking / by Jason Roderick Donaldson, Giorgia Piacentino & Anjan Thakor

Cash windfalls and acquisitions


Choosing factors / by Eugene F. Fama, & Kenneth R. French
Managerial myopia and the mortgage meltdown / by Adam C. Kolasinski, Nan Yang
Interest rate volatility, the yield curve, and the macroeconomy / Scott Joslin, Yaniv Konchitchki
Asset pricing with beliefs-dependent risk aversion and learning / by Tony Berrada, Jérôme Detemple, Marcel Rindisbacher
Time varying risk aversion / by Luigi Guiso, Paola Sapienza, Luigi Zingales
Financial intermediation in private equity: How well do funds of funds perform? / by Robert S. Harris, Tim Jenkinson, Steven N. Kaplan & Ruediger Stucke
Tax distortions and bond issue pricing / by Mattia Landoni
Bid anticipation, information revelation, and merger gains / by Wenyu Wang
High frequency trading and extreme price movements / by Jonathan Brogaard, Allen Carrion, Thibaut Moyaert, Ryan Riordan, ... Konstantin Sokolov
What makes the bonding stick? A natural experiment testing the legal bonding hypothesis / by Amir N. Licht, Christopher Poliquin, Jordan I. Siegel & Xi Li